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The new book, Letters to Isabella, presents 77 egg tempera paintings by American artist Marley Kaul. A letter to his granddaughter accompanies each painting, offering an intimate look at the artistic process and the personal and professional influences reflected in his work.

“Letters to Isabella is a stunning and deeply felt book, beautiful in both writing and image...”

- Robert Hedin, author, director of the Anderson Center


"Marley Kaul is a contemporary egg tempera master... His work in both content and energy emphasizes his connection with natural forms and poetic metaphor."

- Laurel Reuter,
director, North Dakota Museum of Art


“Marley Kaul has taken a unique approach to the identity issue─theme and critique─central to contemporary art since the nineties. He has pierced a hole in the blatant, strident, political side of “identity” and has brought us personally home to a place of the heart. Through his stewardship of his rural land and knowledge of plants and animals he has offered metaphors about the principled practice of art and life and the changing aspects of growing and seeing.”

- Sarah Clark-Langager
, former director, Western Gallery, Western Washington University








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